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About Aumentaty VSearch

Conoce c贸mo funciona Aumentaty VSearch

What is AumentatyVSearch?

AumentatyVSearch is an image recognition tool which allows you to associate the contents you want with your very own images.

AumentatyVSearch consists of two parts, a contents manager that is used by the PUBLISHER and an APP that is used by the public (USERS) to access the contents.

The markers are the meeting point between PUBLISHERS and USERS.

Markers are the images which the PUBLISHER wants to associate with digital contents (texts, images, videos, PDFs, links to web sites, locations).

AumentatyVSearch provides a standard APP completely free from the APP Store and Google Play portals.

Mobile device USERS can use the APP to access digital contents previously linked to a printed image by simply capturing them with their mobile device.

All of this means that AumentatyVSearch provides a channel of communication between a publisher and their public (users) using images as the link.



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Como publicar contenido con Aumentaty VSearch

What is VSearch for the publisher?

AumentatyVSearch allows the publisher to enrich, "enlarge", the information they want to transmit to their public with multimedia content. To achieve this, the publisher uploads the contents to our platform and associates them with an image or brand, which are accessible from traditional physical supports (magazines, newspapers, posters, catalogues, cards...). The user simply captures the marker with the camera of the mobile device from a free application to access the additional contents.

Aplicaci贸n vista en un dispositivo m贸vil

    What kind of contents can I publish?

  • Content descriptions
  • Images in jpg file format
  • Videos in MP4 file format
  • Locations using Google Maps
  • Links to URLs of interest

    What else can I offer?

  • Offers. aumentatyVSearch allows you to publish offers (jpeg file) associated with the marker.
  • Surveys. You can display a form with up to 5 questions and 5 possible answers.
  • Ring a telephone number directly from the content.

How can I be a publisher?

Obtain a pack of markers

Consult our prices and price scaling here and contact us at or call +34 963 567 973.
Once your purchase goes through, you will receive a user ID so you can start using your markers and publish contents.

Imagen de la tienda de Aumentaty VisualSearch

Entra en el gestor de contenidos

Utilizando el identificador de usuario que recibir谩s al realizar tu compra de marcadores podr谩s acceder al gestor de contenidos, donde podr谩s empezar a subir tus marcas, fotos, videos y dem谩s contenido digital asociado a ellas.

Gestor de Aumentaty VisualSearch

Use the markers in your publications

We will provide you with a logo so that you can add it to the images in paper format that you are going to use as markers. This will enable your public to distinguish which of your published images provides extra content.

Diferentes marcadores

Let your users know

It's a good idea for you to advertise, disseminate and let your public know about this new channel offering extra information and the advantages it provides.

Plataformas m贸viles disponibles

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Experiencia del usuario de Aumentaty VisualSearch

What is VSearch for the user?

Aumentaty VSearch is an APP that displays extra information that publishers have included in their images.

Use the camera on your mobile device to discover additional content that may be included in billboards, labels, catalogues... contents created by people like you.

Download the APP

You can download the APP for free in AppStore and Google Play using the links you find in this page.

Plataformas m贸viles disponibles

Identify the images containing extra contents.

The images carrying information added in Augmented Reality are identified with our logo. Use you mobile device camera to capture the images you want information about.

Aplicaci贸n en un dispositivo m贸vil

Explore the contents.

The captured image will be recognised by AumentatyVSearch and the associated contents will be brought up (photos, videos, links, contact, etc.).

Aplicaci贸n en un dispositivo m贸vil

Shall we explain with a video?

This video will help you understand how the tool works.

Do you want to try out the application?

Download the APP using our links or directly from the stores by searching for "AumentatyVSearch". Print or view the PDF example, where we have put several images containing associated information.

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What are markers?

The markers are the meeting point between PUBLISHER and USERS. It is the printed image the publisher associates extra digital contents to, which the user captures with a mobile application to get the contents.

Marcador de ejemplo
Marcador de ejemplo
Marcador de ejemplo
Marcador de ejemplo

What should the markers be like?

Practically any printed image can be used as a marker if it is large enough to focus on with a mobile device.
For enhanced performance, we recommend that the image has quite a lot of scattered areas with contrasts. Spot colours should be avoided in large areas.
To enter our markers in the contents manager, we use JPG image files less than 1MB in size. A resolution of 640x480 pixels is suitable.

Ejemplo de posible marcador con zonas de contraste
Ejemplo de posible marcador con zonas de contraste correcto
Ejemplo de posible marcador sin zonas de contraste
Ejemplo de posible marcador sin zonas de contraste incorrecto

How do I spot the images that work with VSearch?

The images with associated information will bear the logo "ScanWithVSearch鈥, which you can find below. You can download the logo from the following link and attach it to your photos to show that they are using AumentatyVSearch technology.

Ejemplo de posible marcador con zonas de contraste

Try out theses markers

We propose these markers as examples so that you can test drive our technology.

Use the AumentatyVSearch APP to capture some of these images with the camera on your mobile device to be able to see the associated information.

Marcador de prueba
Marcador de prueba
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