Conoce cómo funciona Aumentaty VSearch

What is AumentatyVSearch?

AumentatyVSearch is an image recognition tool which allows you to associate the contents you want with your very own images.

AumentatyVSearch consists of two parts, a contents manager that is used by the PUBLISHER and an APP that is used by the public (USERS) to access the contents.

The markers are the meeting point between PUBLISHERS and USERS.

Markers are the images which the PUBLISHER wants to associate with digital contents (texts, images, videos, PDFs, links to web sites, locations).

AumentatyVSearch provides a standard APP completely free from the APP Store and Google Play portals.

Mobile device USERS can use the APP to access digital contents previously linked to a printed image by simply capturing them with their mobile device.

All of this means that AumentatyVSearch provides a channel of communication between a publisher and their public (users) using images as the link.