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Information to buy

Ease and flexibility.

No minimum order.
You can purchase individual markers or packages. The more markers you buy, the lower price.

Save by only buying the markers you are going to publish simultaneously.
You can change the image you use as a marker and the associated contents as often as you want whilst the marker is valid.

Pick up more markers at any time.
You can build up the number of markers as and when you need them.

But more importantly, try it out first.

We invite you to free use of our content management system, so you can link information you want to your images.

Special education

AumentatyVSearch, offers packs of markers at reduced prices to aid the creation of all kinds of educational material for developing educational projects.

If you have an educational project, we can help you to achieve it. Write to us without any obligation at and speak to us about your idea.

Customising and Exclusive Contents

You want to buy a pack of markers ...

You need a quote for volume ...

You want customised contents...

You would like to offer your customers and users their own application...

You're a developer and want to incorporate VSearch functions...

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